R-SIM8+ nano is made ONLY for USIM 128k nano new simcards iPhone 4S/5 Unlocking and Activation.

128k USIM nano cards are those simcards that come in original nano size that you do not need to cut down.. They are new with higher security and mostly in Pre-Paid packages. They have proven to be very difficult for Unlock SIM solution till now.

We achieved this task by building a new PCB and a new firmware with over 186 different new nano simcards data from different network operators and will call it R-SIM8+ nano. Built only for original nano 128k USIM.

You can Only get EDGE for now but in few days will have PATCH to fix the 3G.


R-SIM8 GOLD need PATCH ONLY for CDMA/WCDMA iPhones ( Sprint/verizon/Japan SB/AU etc ) For ALL GSM iPhones 5&4S you can unlock it and use it WITHOUT PATCH but for Original nano USIM 128k simcards we cannot guaranty that they will all work to your best satisfaction.

R-SIM8+ nano is built ONLY for nano USIM 128k simcards those original nano cards that you dont have to cut down. Those new cards have new securities and we can only get them both for GSM and CDMA iPhones to work for calls, SMS, EDGE but NO 3G, Only EDGE for both GSM & CDMA iPhones. There will be a separate PATCH in few days to fix the 3G for both GSM and CDMA iPhones.

We RECOMMEND you use R-SIM8 GOLD if you DO NOT have those new USIM 128k new nano simcards because if you use R-SIM8+ nano you will get only EDGE and will need a PATCH to get 3G even if you don't have CDMA iPhones..

For Those with hard to unlock USIM 128k original nano simcards that have never been unlocked till now by any unlock sim to use R-SIM8+ nano.. You can now use that hard to unlock nano simcards but for data you will get EDGE ONLY till you apply the PATCH for both GSM & CDMA iPhones.

R-SIM8+ nano Demostration video

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