EasyJTAG eMMC Suite Version - First in the world

JTAG Tool:

- support Samsung GT-SC02B (Read/Write/Boot Repair)
- support MTAG 401 (Coolpad SP-150) CDMA (Read/Write/Boot Repair) - First in the world
- support MTAG 281 (ZTE N660) CDMA (Read/Write) - First in the world

EMMC Tool:
- support HTC one X PJ46100 (Read/Write) - First in the world

New function added:
- Write/Read via JTAG interface using (EASY-******).

What is this?

This is function allow to you write or read bulk files by exactly adress for each via 1 button.
Why we decide add this - becouse we got many request about function something like this.
Now people can create "lite rcp" ****** for easy boot repair for supported MCU.

We have add few sample of ****** for nand and emmc for already supported phones.
You can check this samples and will understand how edit ******.
IMPORTANT: all ****** files should be in same directory with boot files.

Litle sample of ******:

emmc write 0 GPT.BIN 0x0 emmc write 0 DBL.BIN 0x6800000 emmc write 0 OSBL.BIN 0x687D000 emmc write 0 ABOOT.BIN 0x7000000 emmc write 0 PARAM.BIN 0xB800000

P.S. Still need other JTAG? NEW fantastic function on the way

P.S Before play with HTC ONE X better backup dump!

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