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PBTool v. (2013-06-21)
Minor update to version 1.6

changelogs :
- [Blackberry] Added Tab Dead Mode in Flashing.
- [Blackberry] Added support flash SFI file in dead mode.
- [Blackberry] Added support flash APP file in dead mode.
- [Blackberry] Added support flash Rapido file in dead mode.
- [Blackberry] Added flash with or without batterai in dead mode.
- [Blackberry] Added install everthing button in basic flashing.
- [Blackberry] Auto select to install everything if not exist file app package in basic flashing.
- [Blackberry] Support Hybrid file flashing with custom own modified.
- [Blackberry] Added core Auto****** Module for support next update.
- [Blackberry] For ******** issued in blackberry flashing, can use install everything.
- Fix bug in refill (Server issue).
- Fix bug in server activation (Server issue).
- Fix known bug from previous version.

More Detail :

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