EasyJtag Update. GALAXY S II WiMAX, HUAWEI CDMA - first in the world.

- support Samsung ISW11SC(SCI11)Galaxy S2 WIMAX (Read/Write/Easy Repair) - World First Exclusive
- support Samsung SCH-J001 Galaxy S2 WIMAX (Read/Write) - Word First Exclusive
- support Samsung GT-I9105 (Read/Write/Easy Repair)
- support Samsung GT-I9105P (Read/Write)
- support Huawei CDMA C2835 (Read/Write)
- support Huawei CDMA C2906 (Read/Write)
- critical bug with CORTEX A9 memory access handing fixed

P.S.Wanted easyjtag user with i8730,i437,i9505 in hands.

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