BEST 1.44

- USB flashing improved
- (XG213) Added RPL backup during flash (normal/dead mode)
- (XG213) AfteFlash operation improved (LT reset,Product Code update)

- Service oprations improved
- (Restore SL) SimLock extraction improved

*Added support for new types
*Fixed error #1, error #2 and others for some simlock types
*ID info extraction improved
- (XG213) Added RPL read (Dead/Normal) (NPC/CCC/HWC/WMDRM/CMLA)
- (XG213) Added RPL write (Dead/Normal) (NCP/CCC/HWC/WMDRM/CMLA)

- Some RapV4 features was broken in previous version, fixed

- User Data operation improved
- (s60) SMS extraction from FullFlash for S60vX improved
- (S^3) SMS extraction from FullFlash for S60^3 improved

- Other
- INI updated and revised
- Stuff files updated
- Improved Dongle registration
- Some bugfixes

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