* Sorry for my English
hi everyone
i bought a laptop since 2 weeks and it came without Windows "no dos"
so i installed windows 10 and i let it do the update and after finish the updates it restarted and when it restarted i had a black screen and i tried to power it off and turn it on again and the same "black screen with caps and num lock light (led light not blinking or flashing) "
so i tried many solution and i didn't get any resultes
the solution was :
- i earse the hdd from another pc and put it again
- i tried to press the power button for 1 min
- i pulled the cmos for 30 minutes and put it again
- i found the ram embedded in motherboard so i can't remove it
- i took the hair dryer and i tried to run the fan cpu and turn on the pc
- i removed the keyboared and turn on the pc
- i removed the battery and turn it on with AC adapter
- i tried another display with hdmi cable
- i tried with Novo button
- i drained the battery until the led of the battery can't blinck anymore
- i removed the DVD
- i try to boot with bootable DVD " windows 10 ; 8.1 ; 7 ; xp "
- i try to boot with USB flash but it didn't even blinck
- i removed the cpu fan
- i tried (Fn/Win) + R and (Fn/Win) + B and Fn with all the F and also (Fn/**bleep**) + ESC
- i removed the Wireless Card

*the PC model is: Lenovo V310-80SY
*this is video for what happen when i turn it on

Please i need help because i just bought it recently ...

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