*SHP - Smart Heating Platform V1.04 Released !

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About SHP - Smart Heating platform:

**Smart Heating Platform (SHP) is the best professional toolkit for your electronic hardware repair needs. It offers many indispensable functions and makes working in a professional repair shop much more easy.*

* All functions are finely controlled using our custom made software control system with real time data display
* General settings and operating ambient temperature ranges can be programmed using our software in order to work with or without computer
* Has 4 integrated temperature sensors (internal temperature, heater temperature, external temperature and real time temperature tester K Type sensor)
* The heating system has automatic temperature control that can keeping temperature constant and accurate while you work
* An integrated 4 digits LED Display that can display all necessary data including state, temperature and voltages
* A built in temperature tester function that can accurately and efficiently measure solder iron and hot air temperature (Measurement range: -125 - 1200 ℃, Tolerance: ± 1 ℃) in real time . This way you can be sure your rework tools are correctly calibrated and working at peak performance
* Heating panel A made from high purity copper with an efficient method for high heat flux design
* Heating panel B made from aluminum can separating glass etc(Compatible size for 13 inch and below)
* With panel B can use for baking、drying、aging etc (Eg.water-flooded components of UMT mainboard)
* Almost all current PCB integrated circuits can be soldered and de-soldered without the need of a soldering iron or a hot air gun. (Eg,Apple A7 A8 A9 A10 CPU 、baseband IC or harddisk IC etc)
* Can act as a pre-heater for your everyday needs to minimize the risk of component damage
* Smart phones, iPad products's glass lens, touch screens & LCD displays can be separated in a few mins
* Default factory settings with general working conditions specification (Eg. Glue remove、IC de-soldering & Soldering、lens & touch screen assembly settings etc)
* Integrated self-resetting overheat protection
* LED warning *****s and sound *****s
* Voltage overload protection integrated
* Short circuit detection integrated
* Automatic shutdown function integrated
* All functions are user customizable
* Lifetime free software upgrades and more

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