Octoplus Box JTAG PRO Software v.1.2.3 Release Notes:*🐙 Added Reset FRP lock (آ«Reset FRPآ» button at آ«Factory repairآ» tab in Software) for Qualcomm-based devices. With this option you can Reset FRP via eMMC connection*
*🐙 Released Box firmware v.1.14. In this firmware version fixed Read/Write operations for Hynix and old Samsung eMMC flash chips. Also improved connection procedure for 4-bit Bus Mode and improved stability*
*🐙 Improved Erase operation (now even more faster) while erasing selected partition(s)*
*🐙 Improvements in آ«Partition Managerآ»:*

* *Added Status Bar (Speed, Progress, ETA)*
* *Fixed error with saving selected partitions as آ«*.mptآ»*

*🐙 Some GUI changes*
*🐙 All pinouts and Repair procedures are described in Software manuals ("Help" button in Software)*

*Note! After repairing box firmware you shouldnآ’t use previous versions of Octoplus Box JTAG PRO Software, please always use the latest actual software version.

*More info and discussion are* HERE (
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