_*MFC Dongle V1.5 & Hw Unlocker V1.03 Released - Huawei Unlock ★★★★★

*We're happy to announce the release of MFC V1.5.0 & Huawei Unlocker V1.03 , This is a major update to the software. *


_Changelogs for MFC Dongle V1.50 & HW Unlocker V1.03 ?_*

* Add Support all Huawei Hisilicon based Mobile Product
* Add Read general information, Eg, VID/PID/ChipID/Verdor etc
* Add Finder Direct Unlock in normal mode
* Add ID Account Active Required Mode Direct Unlock
* Add Simlock Check & unlock
* Add Fastboot Check & Direct unlock & Relock
* Add Root Check & Direct unlock & Relock
* Add one button do Factory Reset
* Add one button do Customer Reset

>>>More details and Discussion at here (
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