*Dear Octoplus community,
Today we are proud to introduce you a whole new built-in module - the 'Content Extractor'!
This update drastically increases your servicing possibilities, offering such new features as restoring customers data from water drown phones, raw binary forensics and so on and so on, via JTAG or eMMC connection using simple graphical interface! Supporting most of existing file system formats and model-independent it brings a real boost to your repair shop*

Octoplus Box JTAG PRO Software v.1.1.3 Release Notes:
* *Content Extractor آ– New Possibilities:*

1. _*View and save (extract) data (files, directories and volumes) directly from the device trough eMMC or/and JTAG interface*_
2. _*View and save (extract) data (files, directories and volumes) from binary dumps (with Full Flash), which have been read from the device*_
3. _*All popular file systems are supported: ext2, ext3, ext4, NTFS, FAT*_
4. _*Ability to save selected files, directories and volumes on userآ’s hard drive*_
5. _*Easy extract, view and save contacts*_
6. _*Easy extract, view and save pictures*_
7. _*Easy extract, view and SMS messages*_
8. _*Preview graphic files (and their cache)*_
9. _*Ability to work with pictures and media files using computerآ’s operation system*_
10. _*Advanced search:*_
- Search files in file systems or in binary dumps of the device
- Search userآ’s contacts or SMS messages
- Search file name of found pictures
11. _*Easy and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)*_

* *Improved connection via eMMC interface.*
* *Uploaded improved SRF for H345 into the Supprot Area.*
* *Box firmware has been updated! To update the firmware, it is *necessary* to connect the box and only then run the Software.*

*You wanted آ– you got it! Please feel free to leave your suggestions and feedback *HERE* (

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Octoplus Box Team