Release Date: December 20, 2012
Firmware Version Required : 10.3.30

"A Jingle BELLE OS Update"

Introducing ATF Super CMLA Key Repair and Direct PM 308 Security Block Write Back to SL3 Phones!
(New Hashes Requires ATF Network Phone Authorize)

Now you can Write Back your Original PM 308 Phone Backups back to the Phone!

--> The Super Dongle Key will Remain 100% Original
--> The CMLA Key will Remain 100% Original

But if you don't have PM 308 backup, then you can use Repair CMLA Key to allow
your phone to run the Latest Symbian Belle OS Releases. This Second option allows
you to to write CMLA Keys to any SL3 Phone even without PM 308 backup.


Question: What is CMLA ?
Answer : It is basically some keys to be used for Digital Rights Managment. (

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Q: Why do we need CMLA Keys?
A: CMLA is checked and used when running Belle OS on majority of the newest SL3 Smart Phones.

Q: Do all phones need CMLA Keys?
A: No, but Majority Needs it.

Q: How do I know that my Phone needs CMLA Key Repair?
A: If your phone cannot start Belle OS and is just showing your scrolling Dots o o o o o o ....

Q: If I don't have ATF Box, how can I repair CMLA Keys?
A: Buy Original RPL, you will see CMLA_KEY inside... or just Buy Preactivated ATF Nitro Box.

Q: Is CMLA Repair using ATF Free?
A: Yes, but you need to Authorize Phone first via the ATF Network if your Phone is "New HASH".

Q: What is PM 308 Security Write Back Feature?
A: It is a feature that allows you to WRITE BACK PM 308 to SL3 Phones.

Q: Can I write back PM 308 from Phone A into another Phone B?
A: No, the PM 308 Backup must be from the same phone.

Q: I don't have PM 308 Backup, what can I do now?
A: Use Repair Super Dongle and Repair CMLA Keys instead.

Q: I cannot find this new feature in ATF 9.40, how do I use it?
A: It is completely integrated into the ATF Software, so just use "Write PM" function in ATF Software.

Q: Do I need to AUthorize Phone First before I can use this new feature?
A: Yes, the phone needs to be Authorized by The ATF Network if your phone is "New HASH".

Other Updates:

- Added RM-862, RM-863, RM-864, RM-872 and RM-873 for Infineon/Intel XG213 Decrypt PM 120 HASHES
- Added New Nokia Products in Nokia.ini
- Fixed Minor BB5 USB Booting from 9.30

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