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    Thumbs up infinity chineese miracle mtk module 1.49

    what's new

    New MTK Factory FW Reader and more!

    1- Main
    Core update for support latest v1620 loaders
    Flash ID database updated
    NAND fixes on 16xx loaders line
    MT6589 fixes on 16xx loaders line

    2- FW Read Engine Revised
    Engine completely revised
    Now CM2 make completely AS FACTORY one FW!
    CM2 is only tool, which make exactly Firmwares ( which not touch or destroy security, vendor data, ota and etc. phone features)
    Saving additional partitions ( like nvram , proinfo and similar ) now done automatically during FW reading
    Those files compatible with "Write NVRAM" and "ProInfo Tools" features
    Extra files now placed to folder with similar name in main Firmware folder ( additional files, HW and rest info )

    "Pack Android Partitions" feature activated - WorldFirst!
    Allow reduce FW size up to 60% !
    Allow ignore problems with "system verification check" on some brands and phone models
    FW, made with CM2 and that option are fully compatible with SPFT!
    Flashing speed for such type can be fast up to 2x times ( depend on target platform )
    SW will automatically detect all partitions, which can be compressed and will compress them

    New types supported , autodetection method improved
    Brand-Specific improvements for Lenovo, Infocus, Huawei and rest "noname".
    Files verification improved

    3- UserData
    UserLocks reset locks operation improved ( additional pinlocks reset )

    4- Service
    "Repair Security" operation revised

    5- Other
    Flash ID database updated
    NAND operations revised
    Included 80+ new FlashID to DRAM init
    Some other bugfixes and improvements

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