Martech RCD AMS v0.0.9.5

Latest Update :

- Honda, BB717CA, 39541-SWA-C010-M1, LH28F128 by Alpine
- DPX-MP5110U, 24c04 by Kenwood
- KDC-MP5039U, 24c04 by Kenwood
- KDC-W8027, Y22-9842-71, 24c01 by Kenwood
- Chrysler, P05107096AK, 24c16 by Alpine
- Nissan, PN-2646F, 28185 BA010, 93c46 by Clarion
- VW, Premium 7, 1K0 035 180C, 24c16 by Delphi
- Land Rover, Traffic Pro, BE-4756 by Becker
- Range Rover, XQD101580LNF, AMR6285, Q90419591, 24c02 by Alpine

How to update? Run martech_rcd_ams.exe or download and get latest version via setup:

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Check supported models and Clip functions in demo version

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Christmas Promotion "3 x 5" from Martech Team

For Santa and Xmas, Martech Team has prepared 15 sets in promotional
Promotion applies to 15 sets: Martech Full Pack x 5, Martech Start Pack x 5
and Martech RNS510/810 Pack x 5

- Martech FULL Pack (2515,64 Euro brutto) - 30% = 1763 Euro brutto plus
delivery. Only 5 pcs !!!
- Martech START Pack (720,40 Euro brutto) - 25% = 540 Euro brutto plus
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- Martech RNS 510 Pack (300,26 Euro brutto) - 20% = 240 Euro brutto plus
delivery. Only 5 pcs !!!

Christmas action lasts until 26.12.2012 or stock lasts.
As always, the fastest contact to place an order is:

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Best Regards
Martech Team

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