* Ͷ Come's Back with New Style. **Ͷ*
* Ͷ Come's Back with New Technology. Ͷ *
* Ͷ ** Come's Back with New Features. Ͷ*

*◁ VERSION 1.32 **▷*
* 18 DEC 2015*

*** ► GSM ALADDIN KEY V2 VER.1.32 News ◄
1.MTK Add Fix DL Mode.
[X] After Flashing Downlaod Function Now Ok

2.MTK Add Clear Setting.
[X] MTK Setting Clear Fast & Safe.

MTK Add Format Safe & Advanced (Android Mobile).
[X] Safe Can Format Auto.
[X] Advanced Format as User want.

4.MTK Improve Remove Virus olny EMMC(no ADB)
[X] No Need Root Required.
[X] No Need ADB Required.
[X] No Need USB Enable.
[X] Include Other Setting Removed.
[X] No Need Flash.
[X] No Need Scatter File.

5.Android Add Virus Remove
[X] Remove Hundreds of Malware Virus.
[X] Remove Unwanted Apps.
[X] Auto Show Suspected Apps.
[X] Monkey Virus Show.
[X] Rooted or not Rooted Both Option Include.

6.Samsung Add Reset EE/Reactivation Lock.
[X] Reset Samsung Reactivation Lock.
[X] Reset Samsung EE Lock.

7.Samsung Improve Reset FRP
[X] Samsung FRP NEW MODELS Added.

[X] No Need Flash.
[X] No Need Root.

[X] No Need Format.
[X] No Need ADB.
[X] No Need any APK Files.

8.HTC Add Reset FRP.
[X] HTC VARIOUS Models Added.

9.SPD Improve Android EMMC Format.
[X] Now Better then Before.

10.Motorola FRP Reset.
[X] Android Motrola FRP Reset.
[X] World's First.



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