for anyone whofind it difficult to unlock this phone step by step: é
1- download firmware from z3x under the name: G531FXXU1AOH1_G531FOXX1AOH1
2- download the system firmware under the name: G531FXXU1AOH1_ROOT_SYSTEM
3- flash the phone with the firmware of the first step using z3x flasher
4- after the third step reflash the phone with the system firmware from the step n°2 by choosing it in pda colone
5- power on phone activate usb debbuging. connect phone to pc and click unlock after choose the port in z3x unlock tab (dont follow the instrictions showed by the software bcs u cant input .*#0808*# on call dialing after u have flashed the root system file) i
6- dont worry if the software showed no csc info or IMEI serie
7-after unlock donne with seccess put a sim card u network code (code reseau) will show again dont freak out put the following code 00000000 voila ur phone is unlocked
8- reflash the phone with the firmware mentioned in the first step or with another firmware u want
9- caution ( dont flash using the netherland firmware version G531FXXU1AOF7_PHN1AOF2) it wont be comptible with ur phone) i
best regards