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الموضوع: MXBOX v3.5 revision 2.4 - public discussion thread

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    افتراضي MXBOX v3.5 revision 2.4 - public discussion thread

    MXBOX v3.5 revision 2.4

    HTI Misc Tool is now
    الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط

    الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط
    module updated to version 2.0
    - added: Imei validator for iPhone unlock
    - added: Supported carriers filtered by country selection
    - bugfixed: Was still not running on some customized Windows XP, should be fixed now.
    - added: Read IMEI from iPhone by Usb (iTunes must be installed).
    - GUI improvements

    Nokia SL3 Logger updated to version 2.4
    - added: Multiple service support
    Allows to upload job for CHEAP, NORMAL or FAST server with different cost policy

    Start from today this are the credit consumption and time for SL3 unlocking:

    CHEAP: 70 HTI credits, 6 hours to 48 hours

    NORMAL: 120 HTI credits, 10 minutes to 48 hours

    FAST: 150 HTI credits, 3 minutes to 24 hours

    * the consumption and time are for reference only and
    can be changed any time without notification,
    you have to check every time before you upload a job

    BlackBerry module updated to version 1.8
    - Full Software Parts parsed during read.
    - Implemented DM Protocol, now you can read Blackberry CDMA info (including MSL) By Normal Usb Connection.
    - MEP list updated (total 274 MEPs supported).

    Latest Nokia module changes:
    - added: Lumia SIM Unlock by AMSS patch

    Common changes:
    - bugfixed: HTI drivers conflict with android adb devices.
    - improved sync routine to avoid main exe failed to load if sync fails.

    الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط

    الموضوع الاصلي ...
    الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط

    كل ما ارجوه التريث وعدم العجلة في التسطيب.حتى تتضح الامور .

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