Advance Turbo Flasher v9.15

Release Date: October 25, 2012

*** This is a EXE Only Update via the AUTOUPDATE FUNCTION of the ATF Software ***

Full Flashing Support for XG223 Based Phones

* Asha 308 / 3080 RM-838
* Asha 309 / 3090 RM-843
* Asha 308 RM-852

Backup RPL, Read/Write PM/PP etc... All NON SIMLOCK FBUS Functions are Functional for XG223.

XG223 (XGOLD 223) is the new Infineon/Intel CPU that Nokia will be using for their Low-Mid Range Phones.

This is an Interim Update... Expect a Full Installer to follow after.
Contact your favorite ATF Product Supporters if you want some feasible
functionalities to be added on the Next Release.