XTC2Tool version 1.04

- Added support for legacy phones (buzz,vision,icon,legend,saga,bliss,chacha,etc):
* Switch to modem mode
* Read phone information in modem mode
* S-ON
* Repair IMEI
* Repair CID
* Unlock simlock
Please note that you must put the smartcard from XTC 2 Clip to phone's simcard slot before using these features.

- Added new eject function for safe removal of XTC 2 Clip in mass storage mode
- Added new terminal window for professionals - now you can issue manual commands without having to exit or minimize the software
- Improved reading information from phones
- Updated IMEI form, including checksum digit auto calculation with the possibility to manually replace it
- Added clear simlock commands for some Desire series
- Fixed bug with running adb/fastboot in folders with UTF names and special symbols
- Added web-site link and support forum link
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

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