Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek v1.16 released - MT8127 support and more features

MediaTek SP Platform
- MT8127 Full Support ( World First! )
1. Identify / Read full Info
2. Read Dump / Write Dump
3. Read Factory Firmware w/o Root/Debug/ADB
4. Flash Factory Firmware
5. Format FS (UDA/CACHE)
6. Read Pattern Lock w/o Root/Debug/ADB
7. Reset Privacy Lock
8. Fix DL

- Factory FW Reading improved
1. MT8127 supported
2. MT6592 support improved
CPU supported now for Factory FW reading: MT6571, MT6572, MT6582, MT6589, MT6592, MT8127
NO Root/ADB/Debug required for read Firmware

- MTK Flash Engine rewritten:
1. MT8127 Support, MT6572 and MT6582 support improved
2. Flash Pre-erase revised
3. Force Repartition option enabled
4. Flashing speed improved
5. AfterFlash Verify revised
6. PL SW/HW check improved
7. Support MT6571 ScatterV2
CPU supported now for Factory FW flashing: MT6571, MT6572, MT6582, MT8127

- SP Unlock operations improved
HTC 210 - Read Codes/Direct Unlock
Megafon Login 3 - Read Codes/Direct Unlock
Megafon Optima - Read Codes/Direct Unlock
Huawei G610 - Read Codes
Alcatel 4018/4032/4035/6012 - Read Codes
- MTK65xx Generic SP Code Reading activated (71|72|82|89|92 eMMC)
Allow Read SP codes (All 7 levels) from MTK SP Phones. Wide range of different models supported.
- MTK65xx Generic SP Direct Unlock activated (71|72|82|89|92 eMMC)
Allow Direct Unlock MTK SP Phones. Wide range of different models supported.
Unlock via Code Read or Direct Unlock DO NOT require Root/Debug/ADB

- Other
FlashUpdate Package updated (v1504/2015)
"FIX DL" activated for MT6582
Flash Init activated for MT8127 (Erased Preloader support)
Pattern Lock reading improved
1. NAND support improved - now supported most MT6571/MT6572 NAND
2. MT8127 PatternLock Reading activated
"Read Full Info" option activated for Flash (Dump) reading
Fixed Info extraction delay after Dump reading
Fixed CompileInfo extraction
"Secure Boot" option removed from Model List. For Secured Huawei MTK use correct Model Selection!

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