OSS-Client V3.5 Released -The Dev.. More Happy to Give Calculation FREE & Unlimited!!

We are here again!!! this time with the release of our version "OSS-Client 3.5/Fire Edition"
is year we will continue Hot Hot.... ♦♦Fire♦♦
On this occasion it's time for Lenovo / SFR / BEELINE / Orange & Other brands!!!

All our operations are totally FREE !!!!
MTK Total & Complete Support for New Devices KIT-KAT with MTK processor !! "eMMC / NAND" Is Supported Properly, No Need Perform ROOT to Unlock Terminal with "OS-4.4.4" or Superior - on devices with MTK processor.
Our calculation is realtime ..
Many members from now with OSS-Client No need to pay for the NCK Vtelca or other BRANDS Supported in our Tool.

Check Update Go Go Go!!!

الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط

In Our Software Non Need Credits/logs or Wait for "Special Access"
#Write Imei in TAB,Select Model & Calc your Code FREEE!!!

New Skin Enable!! ♦♦Fire♦♦
OSS-Client "Online Service Software"

OSS Developers Team!!!