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الموضوع: ATF Instant Update 11.88 - DEC-21-2014

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    افتراضي ATF Instant Update 11.88 - DEC-21-2014

    *Release Date: December 21, 2014
    Firmware Version Required : 11.0.00
    ATF Box USB Driver Required: - Windows 7/8/8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
    ATF Box USB Driver Required: - Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit)*

    *ATF 11.88*

    Or Download Manually Here:

    الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط

    *What's *****ng?*

    *Lumia WP8/WP8.1 BOOT Repair via USB is now Supported for Retail Lumia Phones:*
    *Lumia 920 (RM-820, RM-821, RM-867)
    Lumia 820 (RM-824, RM-825)
    Lumia 620 (RM-846)
    Lumia 928 (RM-860)
    Lumia 1020 (RM-875, RM-876, RM-877)
    Lumia 720 (RM-885, RM-887)
    Lumia 925 (RM-892, RM-893, RM-910, RM-955)
    Lumia 520 (RM-913, RM-914, RM-915, RM-917)
    Lumia 625 (RM-941, RM-942, RM-943)
    Lumia 1320 (RM-994, RM-995, RM-996)
    Lumia 525 (RM-997, RM-998) *

    *The procedure is very simple, just Flash the Phone like you Normally would without clicking any more additional options. ATF will detect your phone's current STATE and will perform the necessary Tasks to Revive it.*

    *Please make sure that YOU MUST USE ONLY the 'Nokia Emergency Connectivity" Drivers because as for now, any other 9008 drivers such as Qualcomm and Zeus (Sony) it not supported for USB BOOT Repair.*

    *You must also click "UPDATE IMPORTANT FILES" so that you will be able to download the MPRG Loaders that will be used for USB BOOT Repair.*

    *More will come after a short Holiday Leave.*
    *If you find problems with ATF 11.88 (Because it was done very quickly)
    Then Please do not use it.*


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