ASF Rev 1.0.6 Released (First In The World)

- Add ONE-CLICK BootLoader Unlock For Following Models (First in the World)

Xperia Play
Xperia Arc
Xperia Arc S
Xperia Neo
Xperia Neo V
Xperia Pro
Xperia Mini
Xperia Mini Pro
Xperia Ray
Xperia Active
Live with Walkman
Xperia S
Xperia P
Xperia go
Xperia U
Xperia sola
Xperia Acro S

How to?

- First select One of Model listed Above
- Going to Service #1 Tab
- Press Phone Info to Initialize Needed Parameters for Unlock BootLoader
- Now Click on Unlock Via Server
- Connect Your Phone In FastBoot Mode
- Wait Procedure Complete


- This Procedure is Server Based so You Need Have Internet Connection For That

- Depend On You Internet Connection Speed/Quality this Job Can Take 60 Seconds Up to 380 Seconds so Please Be Patient

- Because of some Limitations You Can Unlock Only 3 Phones In Period of 15 Minutes


Special Thanks to My Dear Friend _$TIFLER


You Can Download This From:

ASANSAM Main Support:

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Also Available in ASANSHELL