Released Date: 11/10/2014


Support S5 (qualcomm) unlock and imei repair, backup phone original efs before do operation, its will loss original imei!
Support MTK(MTK6589, MTK6575) read info, enable usb debug, remove screenlock w/o usb debug, w/o root, w/o userdata loss!
Support Xiaomi MI1/MI1-Youth/MI1S-Youth/MI2/MI2A/MI4W, remove screenlock w/o usb debug, w/o root, w/o userdata loss!

> Added SM-G900F Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G9006V Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G9006W Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G9008V Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G9008W Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900A Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900FD Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900K Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900L Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900MD Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900S Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900T Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900T1 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G900V Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added SM-N9008V Flash/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added GT-I9301I Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G7102 Flash/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G7106 Flash/Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G7108 Unlock/(Super)IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SM-G7109 Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added SCH-I809 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW
> Added SCH-I909 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW
> Added SCH-I919 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/*HW
> Added SM-N9008V *OneKey Recovery
> Added SM-G900F *OneKey Recovery
> Added SM-G900FD *OneKey Recovery
> Added SM-G9006W *OneKey Recovery
> Added SM-G9008W *OneKey Recovery

> Added Xiaomi 1 (WCDMA) ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery
> Added Xiaomi 1 (Youth) ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery
> Added Xiaomi 1S (Youth) ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery
> Added Xiaomi 2 (WCDMA) ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery
> Added Xiaomi 2A (WCDMA) ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery
> Added Xiaomi 4W (WCDMA) ScreenLock/*OneKey Recovery

> Added MTK Module support
> Added MTK6575 Read Info
> Added MTK6589 Read Info
> Added MTK6575 Enable USB Debug
> Added MTK6589 Enable USB Debug
> Added MTK6575 Remove ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root)
> Added MTK6589 Remove ScreenLock (w/o USB Debug, w/o Root)

> Fixed cannot detect comm port bugs
> Optimized Samsung Flashing function

* About Samsung Galaxy S5 (Qualcomm) Unlock and IMEI Repair, please Write Default EFS and then repair 3G network, after done do operation


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