The Sunday Update

- Added Alcatel Router МТС 411D unlock by Imei

- Added Flashing algo for Huawei E3272, E3276, M100-4 and similar.

- Added Unlock by Imei v2 and v3 under test: Huawei E5151s, E5172, E5251, E5331, E5332, E5372, E5776 LTE, E5776s, E585u-82, E560, E589, MR100-3, MTC 823S, MTC 823FT.

- Fixed Dashboard write in HiSilicon modems new type.

- Added ZTE Vodafone R203z, R206z : Unlock/ Read Write NVM/ Dashboard - Beta

- Added ZTE Standart: M100-3, MF820, MF821, MF823, MF825, MF827, MF880, MF90, MF91, MTC 830FT - Beta

- Confirmed E303H Airtel World First Unlock by MKEY !

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