- Added new api for correct read info and identify Huawei modems with diferend CPU types.

- Added Writing Dashboards to new Huawei modems on HiSilicon CPU like E3531, E303H end similar.

- Added new Huawei modems on HiSilicon CPU: MTS423S, E3531, E3533, E303H , E352A- Flashing, Unlocking.

- Added new Huawei modems on Qualcomm CPU: E1820, E352, E367, EC315, UML397, E397Bu-502 - Flashing, Unlocking, Repair. - World 1St!

- Added customized FW for unlock E177 Beelive UZ. - World 1St!

- Added new modification for ZTE modems MF825A and similar.

- Added addition (extended) syb-commands for working with new modems MDM9XX CPU - World 1St!

- Added new ZTE EuFi891 CDMa/LTE Router, Unlock, Flash, Repair half dead without Jtag, WiFi password reader. - World 1St!

- Added Repair IMEI on Sierra modems for exclusive users, Under TEST - U301, U302, U306, U307, U308, U309,
C501, C850, C860, C875, C880, C881, C885, C888, C889, C890 , 312U, 313U, 319U, 320U, 330U - World 1St!

Also: uploaded in support many flash-files and nvm for repair new modems and routers.

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