Dear ChimeraTool Users,

Last week we could have seemed inactive, but were not.

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Let see what news we have now:

As you know if signature erased or somehow damaged, you can not use your board / phone anymore, it will just blink. Is there any way to repair these "cleared boards"? Until now the answer was no, you can not, but it has been changed.

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Good news, Chimera Team did it, you can repair totally dead BlackBerry cleared boards from now.

Which models are supported at this function?

9700, 9780, 9360 models are supported, but we are working to add more and more models too.

How does this function works and for what kind of problems is it for?

I would better clarify with some cases when you need it.

  • Case one: You have erased your EEprom with 3rd party tools
  • Case two: You have erased your phone without making backup from security EE fields. (blank flash chip)

What kind of bug fixes does this update contains?

  • 9900 repair IMEI bug fix. This bugfix will hopefully fix all of the qualcom writing related problems
  • 99xx, 96xx, 95xx refurbish bug has been fixed, now phones will not stuck at 75% of loading

What other new functions we are going to add tomorrow:

  • Disabling SD user area partition (some of you reported it can be used for repairing software related problems)
  • Read original MSL code
  • Option for skipping QC repair while refurbish

More about this:

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