4SE - tool 1.9.1 (S/N: V1.1)
Selected model: Vivaz™ (U5)
Selected operation: Flash
Selected interface: USB (EROM)
Checking USB driver status...OK (SEMC Flash Device v3.0.0.0 | 11-25-2011)
Remove battery, wait a few seconds and insert it back
Plug USB cable holding "Green" button
Connected to USB6
You can now release the keys and allow the process to run. Do not disconnect the phone
Device identification...OK
Chip:OMAP3430 Model:U5i IMEI:01233200-102902-7 AID:0002 Color:RED
DEVICE_ID: 95173D56D3EA95997B87F2EB1D8739007E82DEC3
EROM: 1217-2350 R8A035
Uploading logic OMAP3430:
Sending LoaderLIVE...OK
Detecting flash type...OK
ID: EC40 (Samsung)
Chip: Samsung OneNAND 2048 Mbit NAND (small page)
Logical address: 0x00000000
Size: 264 Mb
Failed to read TA security data: TA_OPEN failed. MISC_CLASS.MISC_ERROR: TA Invalid (0x0006)

U5i 0001 Red (R2EA023 | 1232-6884) U5I FRANCE CDF
Flashing image 277172592_012AA1DBCD98.SOFTWARE...
Failed to read S1 header, got: 0 byte(s)
STOPPED [366sec]