Whats New:
- Added ZTE MTS C132 B05 Version Direct Unlock / Flash (World First)
- Added Huawei Phone AMSS and EFS Read
- Added ESN to MEID Bruteforce Option
- Added AMSS Read in Download Mode (Much Faster)
- Minor Improvements and Bugfixes

Huawei Phone AMSS and EFS Read
- Very useful to read flash from phone which has new version software but flash file is not available anywhere.
- Read AMSS and EFS from working phone and write to faulty one.

ESN to MEID Bruteforce
- Useful to search for MEIDs matching to a known ESN.

AMSS Read in Download Mode
- Useful to dump AMSS area from phones which do not support by Universal Memory Reading function. Its very fast compared to Universal Memory Reader.

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