RCD AMS V0.0.9.42

Latest Update :

- Renault, 22SY223/62R, 0495027100276780, 24c32 by VDO
- Skoda, BLUES MP3, 5J0035152A, 24c16 by Technisat
- Land Rover, FL5 CDX6 Europe, 4CFF-18C838-BC, VUX500220 by Visteon
- Ford, HSMCA (NX), 7 612 330 966, BS7T-18K931-EJ by Blaupunkt
- Nissan, PN-2598M, 28185 BN810, CY460, 93c46 by Clarion

How to update? Run martech_rcd_ams.exe or download and get latest version via setup:

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