Welcome to New X-Sim Evo

The Best Unlock and Activation Sim For iphone4s/iphone5g/iphone5s/iphone5c

*Durable Good Quality Flex PCB
*Updatable for Future X-Sim Update
*Can input 8 Digit IMSI for more simcards compatibility
*Smart IMSI Customization = it will allow user to input the IMSI manualy or select the Carrier from our table (after input the X-SIM will support only one IMSI and it will not required any IMSI input in the future even they changed the SIM card)
*Data/3g/Egde Working ( Carrier Compatibility Depends )
*Original Iphone Sim Tray will be used
*Super Battery Saving New Generation Micro chips


X-Sim Team

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