BEST Ver 1.42 Released

Whats New

Service operations improved
- Added ProductCode change for write-protected BB5 phones (C7,N8 and same) (WF)
- Real Life Time edit/read/reset added for new XG213 (WF)
- Added LBF log reading for rest of XG110 (X1-00,X1-01,100,101 and same)
- Added standalone FinalCode calculation (LBF -> NCK)
Automatically calc code on upload file, when "code=" string present
- Restore CCC/HWC rebuilded
- Upload Tune rebuilded

UserData operations improved
- New XG213 gallery extraction improved
- New XG213 PhoneBook extraction improved

- RSA check improved (added new models)
- Ini updated
- Some bugfixes and improvements
- Fixed XG213 SP_Code_Len info during Check/Info read
- LBF reading tested on latest XG213 phones