> Added Samsung backup userdata w/o usb debugging, w/o root.
> Added HTC backup userdata w/o usb debugging, w/o root.

> Added GT-I9502 Flash/*ScreenLock/Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added SGH-T599N Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/IMEI/EFS/*HW
> Added GT-N7102 Flash/*ScreenLock/*Unlock/IMEI/*HW
> Added GT-N7108 Flash/*ScreenLock/EFS
> Added GT-I9268 Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added SCH-I939D Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added GT-S6812I Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added GT-B9388 Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added GT-S7270 Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added GT-S7272 Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added GT-S7275 Flash/*ScreenLock
> Added SM-N9002 *ScreenLock
> Added SM-N9005 *ScreenLock
> Added SM-N9006 *ScreenLock
> Added SM-N9008 *ScreenLock
> Added SM-N9009 *ScreenLock

> Optimize Samsung Unlock/Repair IMEI operation process, write "Default(New) EFS" then uncheck "Bypass MSL" option, only few seconds will be done.
> Removed GT-I9001 Flash, download and use Odin(MD V4.43) flash this phone.

* For remove google lock option only for which phone had google lock, suggest backup userdata before remove google lock.
* Some of device cannot remove screen lock without usb debugging, only backup userdata and then do hard reset, after done restore userdata.
* About Samsung backup userdata without usb debugging, go "Samsung" > "Service" > "Bk.& Restore" page check "MTP" option, and than backup.

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