Easy-JTAG Update - Easy Partions ****** Tools,SAMSUNG

New phone added:
- support Samsung GT-i8160P (Read/Write/OneClick REPAIR)


Now you can READ/WRITE EFS or other partitions for most of phones without touch boot.

Many users ask us about possibility own rpc files, they want play with partitions.
So we research this very simple way for play with partitions. We will add GUI for this soon but for now:

We have added new function - AUTO creating READ/Write ******.
How this work?

1. If you have phone not supported by easy-jtag and if you have connect this phone like other model you can:
- Read full dump.
- create own files for repair + main you can choise what partitions will be included.

2. For creating read/write ****** and choise partition you just need run one of this ******s:
- Show_Partitions_EMMC_GPT
- Show_Partitions_EMMC_MBR
- Show_Partitions_EMMC_PIT
3. If phone file system supported you will see:
- list of partiion, adress or partitions, lengh
- will be created read partition ******.
- will be cteated write partiion ******.
4. Now you can edit this 2 files, you need do this becouse created ****** included all available partitions,
some of them like userdata - very big size and no need for boot repair,
for disable any partition just need use # before read/write command.

For most of phones just need read this partitions: sbl1, sbl2, sbl3,aboot,rpm,tz
Some new phones need also: sbl1, sbl2, sbl3,aboot,rpm,tz,modemst1,modemst2,efs,recovery,f ota

if you understand you can easy enable disable EFS in your ****** if you want rewrite imei etc.
+ if you just rewrite EFS - you can repair modem null/null samsung phones(if phone have efs damaged)

IF YOU WANT JUST FLASH EFS, choise only EFS partition.

5. ****** for 1phone type should be in same directory so best way - create directory like: GT-XXXX and put inside ******s.

HERE you can find thread with step by step manual how create repair one click files for GT-I9195 with and without EFS.

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EASY-JTAG - make boot repair EASY

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