R-SIM PATCH is software part of R-SIM Team to assist in optimizing SMS and 3G functions on iPhone 5/4S CDMA/WCDMA ( Sprint/Japan SB/AU/Verizon ) to fix SMS bugs/ 3G bugs / Caller ID bugs / Phone book bugs / iMessage / Facetime with all CDMA iPhones after Unlocking..

What is New in v5 PATCH ?

Added GSM PATCH to Support 128K simcards working with R-SIM8+ ( Only with this PATCH you can get 3G with 128K simcards with R-SIM8+ GSM or CDMA..

We have already released FREE PATCH for R-SIM8+ but the FREE PATCH can only support EDGE.. With This New Patch you will be able to USE ALL new 128K simcards GSM or CDMA with 3G OK.

We have also included FREE APN Setter so that you DO NOT need unlockit.co.nz any more.. we have something better for FREE

We have also Made BOLD Visible PATCH SWITCH so that you can always Switch it ON/OFF when needed.. But never forget to Switch ON or you will not get 3G.

We have also included AUTO Un-Installer.. This PATCH will delete your OLD PATCH Automatic and install the new PATCH Auto to avoid conflict.

YOU DO NOT NEED Any code if you have already PATCH your iPhone before to use this new version.. Auto UPgrade..

More info:

الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط

الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط