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الموضوع: هام جداا لكل مستعملي الفولكانو بوكس بخصوص .compromised boxes & Error 747

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    افتراضي هام جداا لكل مستعملي الفولكانو بوكس بخصوص .compromised boxes & Error 747

    .Important -> compromised boxes & Error 747 & Some Rumors Decline.EveryOne Must READ!!

    Hello, Every One !!

    Some Resellers Are Making Excuses for Refund/Exchange Boxes, Those Reseller asking to users that "OLD VOLCANOBOX IS NOT RUNNING LATEST UPDATES, VOLCANOBOX TEAM FORCING OLD USERS TO BUY NEW BOXES" i want confirm you all guys that This is only FALSE RUMOR !! We didn't stop support to any old box. All Original boxes whatever new or old all of them we support and working fine, All Copy volcanoboxes whatever new or old will not work on latest updates, copy volcanoboxes will stop after 2.1.9

    Important information about compromised boxes & ERROR 747

    What is Compromised box & ERROR 747 ?

    Compromised box is Actually Copy of VolcanoBox,

    Is it Original box ?

    No, compromise boxes are not original and not manufactured by GPGIndustries. Those boxes were not produced upon our agreement and will have no future support. If you own a Compromise box and your reseller giving you fakes excuses and not refund you, post
    الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط
    his full details... He is also probably selling copy riff. Better you share your experience so other people are aware with who they are dealing

    i would say before this something

    We have heared some rumors from market that the resellers that are selling copy volcano giving some fake story that fault is ours and that xe are closing support of old boxes... This is 100% fake. There is already over 10.000 boxed that passed server and bellow 300 that are blocked.

    I got Compromised Box or getting ERROR 474 what to do ?

    As i write above that all compromised boxes are copy of Volcanobox and these boxes are not original boxes. Some one copy Volcanobox and selling it. Volcanobox have only one Manufacturer which is GPGINDUSTRIES. All copy boxes are called Compromised box. As now you understand that those boxes are not from us means your reseller cheat you. He sold you copy of volcanobox instead of original volcanobox. so now you have to claim him and ask him for original box or refund as you paid him for original box not for copy volcano !! If your reseller was not aware he was buying copy box we are sure he will replace your volcano by an original so he don't spoil his reputation.

    I have Compromised box or GETTING ERROR 747 but my reseller not agree for refund what to do ?

    This is Totally Unfair !! I Am ( Faisal_Computer ) Authorized to Manage GPGIndustries & VolcanoBox. I am Saying you with Responsibility, if your reseller saying he will not refund you OR if your reseller saying VolcanoBox will Dead or any thing against us. Please give us prof we will take legal action against him and we will BlackList him and we will announce his **** as BlackList. Also post his **** in this
    الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط

    الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط

    الروابط تظهر للاعضاء فقط



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