[March 20, 2012] z3x-shell updated to v4.2
- Added torrents!
- Added quick select of download method
- Added “Latest News” when shell window too wide
- Added checking card version before download from support
- Bugfix
Download here
[February 23, 2012] z3x-shell updated to v4.1.1
- Fixed “can’t login to server” message, appears with some card readers
- Changed look of first (“Shell”) tab
- Added Windows 7 Aero theme compability (progress bar)
- Added x64 card drivers
- Bugfix
Download here
[February 22, 2012] Samsung 3G/2G Tool 12.2 released
– Added full support for S5360T (Flash, Unlock, IMEI repair)
– Added support for S7500 (Unlock, IMEI repair) (test) first in the world
– Fixed FTM after unlock some phones
[February 13, 2012] LG 2-3G Tool v2.4 build 00FA release
LG 2-3G Tool v2.4 build 00FA
+ E720 flashing, nvm read/write
+ E720b flashing, nvm read/write
+ P690f flashing, nvm read/write/repair
+ P698 flashing, nvm read/write/repair
+ P698f flashing, nvm read/write/repair

Uploaded 20GB firmware files for LG phones.
[February 9, 2012] China Editor updated to v5.4
- Added MTK6252
- Added MTK6268
- Added new mixed language types (MTK)
- Added new image types
- Added recalculation of security zone (MTK NOR)
- Added normalization for big NAND files (MTK)
- Fixed incompability with many firmwares
- Improved latest flashtool v5.1140.0.0
- Now asking to load flash-define.ini values
- Now better RAM detection
- Compatible with new web site
- Bugfix
Download here
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